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GoTalkMobile - GTalk J2ME client - download for Samsung phones

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Choose your cell phone model:

Samsung C100
Samsung C110
Samsung D100
Samsung D410
Samsung D415
Samsung D418
Samsung E105
Samsung E300
Samsung E310
Samsung E400
Samsung E418
Samsung E600
Samsung E710
Samsung E715
Samsung E810
Samsung P400
Samsung P730
Samsung P735
Samsung S100
Samsung S105
Samsung S200
Samsung S208
Samsung S300
Samsung S300M
Samsung S307
Samsung SCH-X130
Samsung SCH-X230
Samsung SCH-X250
Samsung SCH-X350
Samsung SGH-A700
Samsung SGH-D500
Samsung SGH-D600
Samsung SGH-E100
Samsung SGH-E330
Samsung SGH-E600
Samsung SGH-E630
Samsung SGH-E700
Samsung SGH-E800
Samsung SGH-E820
Samsung SGH-S100
Samsung SGH-X100
Samsung SGH-X600
Samsung SGH-ZM60
Samsung SPH-N400
Samsung SPH-X4209
Samsung X105
Samsung X400
Samsung X426
Samsung X427
Samsung X430
Samsung X450
Samsung X458
Samsung Z100
Samsung Z105

If you cannot find your phone in the list, use the following links (JAR file - use this links if you don't exactly know what do you need):
I have the newly manufactured phone (Java MIDP 2.0) - 100000 b
I have the old manufactured phone (Java MIDP 1.0) - 78000 b
OR download JAD file (use one of this links if above file does not work in your phone):
I have the newly manufactured phone (Java MIDP 2.0) - 1 kb
I have the old manufactured phone (Java MIDP 1.0) - 1 kb.

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Please note that the best way to install is via our WAP site:

You only have to write this address in your phone's WAP (Internet) Browser and follow simple instructions.

If you have any problems with the GoTalkMobile download - don't hesitate to contact us.

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