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GoTalkMobile - GTalk J2ME client - download for Sony-Ericsson phones

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Choose your cell phone model:

Sony-Ericsson D750
Sony-Ericsson F500
Sony-Ericsson F500i
Sony-Ericsson J300
Sony-Ericsson K300
Sony-Ericsson K500
Sony-Ericsson K500i
Sony-Ericsson K600
Sony-Ericsson K608
Sony-Ericsson K700
Sony-Ericsson K700c
Sony-Ericsson K700i
Sony-Ericsson K750
Sony-Ericsson P800
Sony-Ericsson P802
Sony-Ericsson P900
Sony-Ericsson P908
Sony-Ericsson P910
Sony-Ericsson P910a
Sony-Ericsson P910c
Sony-Ericsson P910i
Sony-Ericsson S700
Sony-Ericsson S700c
Sony-Ericsson S700i
Sony-Ericsson T610
Sony-Ericsson T616
Sony-Ericsson T618
Sony-Ericsson T628
Sony-Ericsson T630
Sony-Ericsson T637
Sony-Ericsson V800
Sony-Ericsson W550
Sony-Ericsson W600
Sony-Ericsson W800
Sony-Ericsson W900
Sony-Ericsson W900i
Sony-Ericsson Z1010
Sony-Ericsson Z500
Sony-Ericsson Z500a
Sony-Ericsson Z500i
Sony-Ericsson Z520
Sony-Ericsson Z600
Sony-Ericsson Z608
Sony-Ericsson Z800

If you cannot find your phone in the list, use the following links (JAR file - use this links if you don't exactly know what do you need):
I have the newly manufactured phone (Java MIDP 2.0) - 100000 b
I have the old manufactured phone (Java MIDP 1.0) - 78000 b
OR download JAD file (use one of this links if above file does not work in your phone):
I have the newly manufactured phone (Java MIDP 2.0) - 1 kb
I have the old manufactured phone (Java MIDP 1.0) - 1 kb.

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Please note that the best way to install is via our WAP site:

You only have to write this address in your phone's WAP (Internet) Browser and follow simple instructions.

If you have any problems with the GoTalkMobile download - don't hesitate to contact us.

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