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GoTalkMobile Installation Help

This page is about how to start using Google Talk in your mobile phone.

Step 1. Google Account registration

If you already have a Google Account, skip this step.

For running GoTalkMobile on your cell-phone you should get the Google registration first. You have two variant of registration:

  • Register yourself on Google Mail site. It's very easy - just choose your country, write your phone number in the special column - and you're registered!
  • You can ask a Google Mail invitation from your friends and get your own account using invitation.

Step 2. GoTalkMobile installation guide

There're two ways to install GoTalkMobile to your mobile phone.

  1. We strongly recommend you to download the program right away on your cell-phone with the help of WAP-installation (detailed instructions inside).

  2. The program can be saved on your PC first and then be downloaded on your cell-phone with the help of data-cable, Infrared Port or Bluetooth, use following links for this:

GoTalkMobile Rebel version screenshot:
Download GoTalkMobile Rebel version
Download GoTalkMobile!

GoTalkMobile Classic version screenshot:
Download GoTalkMobile Classic version
Download GoTalkMobile!

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