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24 December 2008 - Happy Holidays!
Dear friends,

For us 2008 year was a year of making large strategic steps for the future. We patiently developed a new delightful version of GoTalkMobile for you. Soon it will be available for you.

As a tradition, this time is time to wish. We wish you happy holidays! We wish you not only happiness, but a patience to successfully finish every single step forward you will make!

Today we present you a bunch of new themes that you can see via Options > Appearance > Catalog (menu) and select Themes.
Sincerely yours,
GoTalkMobile Team

12 April 2008 - Yuri's Night!
Dear friends,
We would like to congratulate you on anniversary of the first human space flight that was carried out by Yuri Gagarin in 1961. Now this day has became an international celebration day known as "Yuri's Night". :)

Today we release an update timed to this event - GoTalkMobile 3.1.9 Sputnik Edition.
In this version:

  • improved feedback form - you can choose the topic of your message, that will make the work of our Support Service faster;

  • stability of GoTalkMobile is improved;

  • as it was requested, "disable automatic gmail notification" option is added;

  • new Sputnik theme is added (see in "Themes" in Catalog).
We would like to wish clear and peaceful sky over our heads for all of us.

Sincerely yours,
GoTalkMobile team

11 April 2008 - "Constellations" Wallpapers

Constellations Wallpapers
Dear friends,

We are proud to announce an update of out Wallpapers Catalog - it's a series of wallpapers named "Constellations". This series is dedicated to "Yuri's Night", which takes place tomorrow. New wallpapers are available for download for free (see "Catalog" -> "Constellations").

Sincerely yours,
GoTalkMobile Team

24 December 2007 - Happy Holidays!
Dear friends,

At this joyful time of year, we wish you abundance and happiness.

It is pleasure for us to help you to communicate with your friends and beloved. The good news is that we have prepared for you a new GoTalkMobile Postcard Edition.

By tradition, it includes holiday postcards - you can choose special picture and melody from offered, type a greeting text and send this Postcard to you friend. It is our present to you so it's still free at the moment. Also themes and notification sounds downloading is available for free now.

We are grateful for your countenance, for your help and kind words you send to our Support Service.

We wish you and your families and friends to have a nice holidays that will fill your hearts with peace and joy! Let the warmth, comfort and love rule in your homes.

Happy Holidays!
Sincerely yours,
GoTalkMobile Team

22 November 2007 - Here we go!
Dear friends,
New version - GoTalkMobile 3 - is here!
The most improved is Rebel version (ex-Premium). While making this version we concentrated on the graphical interface. Specially for it we developed our own graphic software, that allowed us to make GoTalkMobile really good-looking.

New features are:

  • Totally new graphical interface
    We bet you've never seen anything like this. :) That's why GoTalkMobile 3 is called "Rebel" - because of revolutionary new graphics for mobile devices.

  • Avatars
    We think you will be glad - avatars are added in this version! Now you can look at the face of your friend in GoTalkMobile "Rebel". :)

  • Wallpapers Catalog
    Also we would like to present you our Wallpapers Catalog with new and exclusive wallpapers from our best photographers. Some of them are available for free now in GoTalkMobile Rebel!(*)
    For more information see the Wallpapers Catalogue page.

  • 1-click chat switching
    It's possible now to switch fast between several chat windows just holding '*' button. Chat faster, chat more comfortably, chat with more friends!

    Thanks to your feedback and internal testing team, some critical bugs were fixed. So Classic and Basic versions are updated too.

    (*) - for beta-testing period only.

    And it is still not the end! We have a lot of ideas how to make our GoTalkMobile for you. Some more blah-blah here. We hope you will get a real pleasure with this version. Enjoy communicating you friends and beloved with GoTalkMobile!
    Truly yours,
    GoTalkMobile Team

    12 October 2007 - New version comes soon!
    Dear friends!
    The GoTalkMobile team is currently creating the next version of the program, based on the new fantastic graphics shell. This version is being designed taking into account some of your requests. Also a lot of previous bugs will be fixed in it. We do believe that you'll enjoy new GoTalkMobile. All the further information you will find on our web-site and in the applications.
    Sincerely yours,
    GoTalkMobile Support Team

    10 October 2007 - from 23.00 GMT till 23.50 GMT our main server couldn't connect to GoogleTalk server. This could cause some troubles with connection. At the moment both servers are working, everything is all right. :)
    Sincerely yours,
    GoTalkMobile Support Team

    07 August 2007 - from 18.00 GMT till 20.00 GMT we had network failure on our main server. Because of this there could be some problems with the logging in at that time.
    Now we are operating the reserve server. We apologize for that incident and promise to do everything for that not to repeat again.
    Sincerely yours,
    GoTalkMobile Support Team

    25 May 2007 - It's our Birthday!
    Dear friends!
    Today we celebrate the birthday of GoTalkMobile!
    Exactly one year ago GTM has appeared. We sincerely congratulate you with that event and want to thank you for your support and patience all that time!
    Thus first year of GTM's life was very hard, but also very productive - thanks to you, our clear customers, we never stop to improve GTM. And all that is done only with one purpose - to make your communication easier!
    So, we hope, that we have a lot birthdays ahead and every year will let us to be proud of our work.
    Thank you for using GoTalkMobile!
    GoTalkMobile Team

    06 May 2007 - GoTalkMobile update
    Dear friends,
    We have released the updated version with several serious bugs fixed:

    • Feedback sending did not work properly in some cases - fixed
    • HTTP connection mode did not work in some cases - fixed
    • "Print time in chats" option did not work - fixed
    We encourage you to install the updated version if you have already installed it. If you are new user, just download GoTalkMobile - there's the last version there!
    Thank you for using GoTalkMobile!
    Enjoy the mobile GTalk with Go Talk Mobile!
    Truly yours,
    Development Team

    03 May 2007 - GoTalkMobile new version release!
    Dear friends,
    GoTalkMobile is glad to present brand new version of the program. The basic features of the new version are following:
    New version GTM logotype
    • Completely converted user-interface. Now the interface of GoTalkMobile is very comfortable and intuitively clear for the user.
    • Another extremely interesting feature is the oportunity to change the background of the program(*) - now the user can choose any of exclusive photos from our catalogue. At the moment this feature is free of charge - but this proposal is actual only till the 15th of May, 2007!

    • Also we have improved the feature of sending post-cards - now more music are available!
    • Thanks to our customers and internal testing division, we have fixed a lot of bugs - for example, the new logic of the notification is launched - now when your friens is appearing online this contact is marked properly.
    • Also we're glad to inform you that the speed of the connection and of the program's running is increased (for the socket-connections).
    (*) - available only in Premium version.
    We hope that the new version of GoTalkMobile will give you more opportunities to keep in touch with your friens. But we are not going to stop on that level - the program will become more and more functional, because we want to make your communication as easy as it only possible! Truly yours,
    GoTalkMobile Team

    14 Feb 2007 - GoTalkMobile makes your love visible!
    Specially for the Saint Valentine's Day GoTalkMobile created new incredible feature - now you can not only communicate with your beloved but also send them original postcards made by YOU. GoTalkMobile glad to represent new possibility - choose the background, music and just type your text! We help you to create outward part - the words of love you'll create yourself ;) As we love our customers - we want to present them that feature for the Saint Valentine's Day - for that period it will be free of charge! Let's love each other and happy Saint Valentine's Day!

    The new version "St. Valentine's Day edition" is NOW available for the downloading!

    GoTalkMobile 14 Feb Version logotype

    31 Dec 2006
    Dear friends!
    The team of GoTalkMobile wishes you Happy New Year! 2006 was the year of GTM's birth, 2007 will be the year of its incredible development. We sincerely wish you to meet many new friends in the year 2007, so that your GTM's contact list would become larger and larger! Because friendship and communication are the things we trust in! And we'll do everything to make'em easier! But only with your help :)
    Truly yours,
    GoTalkMobile Team

    13 Dec 2006 - at the moment we are improving stability of our server and testing it. That's why sending of photos are not possible at the moment. After a time we're planning the launching of the new version, that will be able to send/receive photos faster than now. Also it will consist several new features. Thank you for the patience

    11 Dec 2006 - We proud to present new version (2.1.6) of GTM that encloses several updates and critical fixes. We are strongly recommend you to update by pointing your phone's WAP-browser to this address:

    Also this version has a support for sound and vibra for Nokia's and Siemens' almost all phones where it was no sound/vibra for notification in GTM before. Enjoy comfortable communicating with GoTalkMobile!
    Thank you for using GoTalkMobile!
    Support Team

    02 Dec 2006 - Now you can use the new version of GTM (Media Pro, v.2.1.0) which can work via our reserve servers and also contents few improvements such as:

    • Avatars! (the user pictures): download, view and the possibility to save (no need to download every time).
    • Improvement of the chat reflection on Nokia, Siemens and also on all MIDP 1.0 cell-phones.
    • GPRS connection check right away after the launching (for the notifying about possible problems)
    If you have GTM already in your phone, it will be updated automatically while the launching.
    Also we want to inform you about the creation of new version with incredible new interface!
    Truly yours, GoTalkMobile Development and Support Teams

    01 Dec 2006
    Due to recent temporary hosting problems we release the Critical update.
    It's main feature is: GTM now can work with our new backup servers. So now the GTM client's vitality is very much increased.
    Other very cool feature is a long-awaited avatar loading! You now can load and save avatar pictures of your friends.
    The next one thing is improvements in Chat Screens (especially for all Nokia, Siemens and almost all MIDP 1.0 phones).
    So please download and enjoy the new version!
    GoTalkMobile Development Team

    29 Nov 2006
    Dear friends,
    We're obligated to inform you about the temporary technical problems at hosting where we host our server (its firewall has been under DoS attack as technical support said).
    We assure you that all the problems have already been solved.
    Ask you to pardon us and promise that it will never happen again: we have already set up backup server and will launch it ASAP.
    GoTalkMobile Support Team

    22 Nov 2006 - We proud to present the new pre-beta (testing) version of GoTalkMobile, codename "Media Pro". New version has several improvements:
    GoTalkMobile 2 version logo.
    • Photos: shoot&send! Just via GoTalkMobile! Compatibility: you may send photo not only to GoTalkMobile, but to any other IM clients!
    • Design and user interface improvements: according to our customers' requests.
    • Alert settings: volume settings, vibra & sound settings.

    20 Nov 2006 - New version now is in process of internal testing and will be released for beta-testing on 22 Nov. Thank you for interest and sorry for forced delay!

    20 November 2006 Now GoTalkMobile gives you an opportunity to use all the advantages of the modern cell-phones - for example, to send photos to your friends! This, and many other new features will be free of charge only for a month, so you can test them first and only then to pay.

    27 Oct 2006 - At least we're glad to introduce you New Version of GoTalkMobile! Now GoTalkMobile has several brand new abilities, which you, dear customers, mostly mentioned in your feedback comments.

    • Special sounds and vibra alerts of the messages - now there's no need anymore to check your cell-phone each time when it seems that new message has come! You'll just hear it!
    • Chats - now GoTalkMobile provides separated screens for each interlocutor!
    • History - In the new version of GoTalkMobile the last 10 messages of the session are being saved and showed on the screen.
    • Some usability features added and issues fixed.

    Wanna hear incoming messages? Download it for free right now! To update your current version just run it and it will be updated automatically! Or visit WAP.GOTALKMOBILE.COM from WAP browser of your cell-phone.

    25 Sep 2006 - We have released the next version: "Universal edition". Now GoTalkMobile can more! Check out new features of the program:
    GoTalkMobile Universal edition - logo
    • now you'll spend less money for traffic!
    • our graphics now is friendlier, you'll surely like it!
    • now even the cell-phones, which don't support "socket" type of connection, can run GoTalkMobile
    • also several previous bugs are fixed now

    11 Sep 2006 - We are testing now new version of GTM (called "Universal Edition"), that will work on every basic J2ME phone (even without Socket API) via different protocol. It will awailable soon, so please check our site for updates!

    24 Aug 2006 - Non-critical update (1.3.1) is released. New feature is: auto login is in 1 minute after run (if username and password is set).

    22 Aug 2006 - 1.3 (beta) (Professional version preview) version with several new features is released:
    GoTalkMobile Professional Logo
    • instant Google Mail box check;
    • add and authorize contacts;
    • accept invitations.
    You may download it now for free!

    07 Jul 2006 - new version is announced with important features: GMail integration, message history, add/remove contacts and accept invitations.

    25 Sep 2006
    Now GoTalkMobile can more (1.5.0 beta released)! Check out new features of the program:

    • Now even the cell-phones, which don't support "socket" type of connection, can run GoTalkMobile - a major expansion of compatibility!
    • Our graphics now is friendlier, you'll surely like it!
    • Now you'll have to spend less traffic for checking your mail-box
    • Integration with Google Mail
    • Block and remove unwanted contacts
    • Also several previous bugs are fixed now ("Error: null" message and non-english status text displayed as "?")

    07 Jul 2006
    We're planning to launch brand new version of GoogleTalkMobile. Our aim is to simplify your communication and the way to it. That's why we add some new features to our program. The new version will surely have more advantages. Here the list of new abilities of GTM:

    • Integration with Google Mail
    • History of messages
    • Invite friends and block unwanted contacts
    • Accept invitations from your friends

    22 Jun 2006
    GoTalkMobile 1.2.0 is released today. The recent changes are:

    • Logo design changed
    • Icon changed
    • Guided first run - more usable interface

    06 Jun 2006
    GoTalkMobile 1.1 is released today. The recent changes are:

    • Stableness of the network connection increased - keep-alives implemented
    • Status icons changed

    29 May 2006
    We're glad to inform you that Version 1.0.2 (beta) of GoTalkMobile (Google Talk J2ME Mobile Client) is released. GoTalkMobile is ready to give you all the advantages of easy communicating right now- enjoy it!

    WAP-site GoTalkMobile is launched - now you can use it for the downloading latest versions and reading news on your cell-phone -

    Enjoy communication using GoTalkMobile!

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    GoTalkMobile Classic version screenshot:
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