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Oncoming version features

07 Jul 2006

New possibilities of GoTalkMobile!

We're planning to launch brand new version of GoTalkMobile in a few days. Our aim is to simplify your communication and the way to it. That's why we add some new features to our program. The new version will surely have more advantages. Here's the list of new abilities of GTM:

Integration with Google Mail

Using new version all the users of GoTalkMobile can check new mail at Google Mail right from their cell-phones.

  • GoTalkMobile automatically notifies you when new mail arrives.
  • Open your Google Mail Inbox with one click.
  • Check for new mail at any time you want with only one click.
You're always on-line and ready to communicate - GoTalkMobile helps you in that.

Message history

Another novelty is possibility to save the archive of the messages. Anytime you can open it and find the messages that are important for you - sometimes the archives are the only way to find out something you've forgotten, something VERY important.

Add/block contacts at phone using GoTalkMobile

You don't need to use your PC for adding new contacts - now that function is available on GoTalkMobile, thus you don't need PC for operating GoTalkMobile - all is done right on your cell-phone. You may send invitations from your phone now!

Very often we're starting to regret that once added some persons to our contact-list. Now it's not a problem - you have a chance to block them and never let them disturb you. Very comfortable function, we suppose.

Accept invitations

And also now you have an opportunity to accept invitations from your friends right from you cell-phone, GoTalkMobile is becoming much easier -all for quick communication!

So, as we promised, we're doing everything for making GTM better - and these new features are the proof. And that's only the beginning. And we always keep promises. Enjoy communicating using GoTalkMobile!

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