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GoTalkMobile RebeL version release

22 November 2007 - Here we go!

GoTalkMobile Rebel version!

Dear friends,
New version - GoTalkMobile "Rebel" - is here!
The most improved is Rebel version (ex-Premium). While making this version we concentrated on the graphical interface. Specially for it we developed our own graphic software, that allowed us to make GoTalkMobile really good-looking.

New features are:

  • Totally new graphical interface
    We bet you've never seen anything like this. :) That's why GoTalkMobile 3 is called "Rebel" - because of revolutionary new graphics for mobile devices.

  • Avatars
    We think you will be glad - avatars are added in this version! Now you can look at the face of your friend in GoTalkMobile "Rebel". :)

  • Wallpapers Catalog
    Also we would like to present you our Wallpapers Catalog with new and exclusive wallpapers from our best photographers. Some of them are available for free now in GoTalkMobile Rebel!(*)
    For more information see the Wallpapers Catalogue page.

  • 1-click multiuser chat switching
    It's possible now to switch fast between several chat windows just pressing '*' button. Chat faster, chat more comfortably, chat with more friends!

  • New exclusive wallpapers!

    Thanks to your feedback and internal testing team, some critical bugs were fixed.So Classic and Basic versions are updated too.
    The list of fixed critical issues and the most frequently reported ones:

    - "messages sent to offline friend are turned back" - fixed;

    - "when i'm typing a reply new incoming message interrupts me and closes reply form" - fixed, now incoming message will appear as a creeping line (ticker) at the top of the screen;

    - "my messages are not delivered to my friend" - fixed;

    - "ticker doesn't change in alert" - fixed.

    (*) - for beta-testing period only.

    And it is still not the end! We have a lot of ideas how to make our GoTalkMobile for you. Some more blah-blah here. We hope you will get a real pleasure with this version. Enjoy communicating you friends and beloved with GoTalkMobile!
    Truly yours,
    GoTalkMobile Team

    My cell phone is:

    GoTalkMobile Rebel version screenshot:
    Download GoTalkMobile Rebel version
    Download GoTalkMobile!

    GoTalkMobile Classic version screenshot:
    Download GoTalkMobile Classic version
    Download GoTalkMobile!

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